The original place of Borne was the village Linde close to the Pilburg lake. In the south there was was Borne (Groß Born). In 1919 a military area was arranged around the location. This was enlarged in the 1930 th and called Westfalenhof in the third Reich.

Borne is relevant from a historical perspective. 1 Sept. 1939 Poland was attacked with troops from Borne. One of the young soldiers was Richard von Weizsäcker who became the German President later.

Here the Africa Korps of the German general Rommel was established. Borne was well known in during world war II because it’s football club ‘HSV’ belonged to the first German league. In 1943 the champion ship match was against Hamburg (which now has a club with the same name).

From 1945 on Borne was a site of the Red Army. After the Soviets left in 1993, Borne was handed over to the Polish gouvernment. In 1993 Borne also recieved it’s town charter.

Today Borne is an attractive place for living, numerous special events related to the old times and espacially for holidays in a beautiful natural environment around.